Starlight psychology

I understand how downturns affect people and their families.

I practice by forming a working relationship with you based on careful listening, respect, and trust.

I help people who are struggling with life transitions (e.g. career, family, relationship, loss) and recovery (e.g. trauma, depression, stress/anxiety, isolation). I am pleased to work with mature minors and adults and have experience making therapy a “port of entry” for you to engage and achieve your goals.

First Responders

Allied First Responders


University & College Students

Competitive Athletes

Office & Government Workers

What is Starlight Psychology?

In the Canadian Forces, the call-sign “Starlight” is for medical personnel, and so a call over the radio for “Starlight” was a call for help somewhere on the battlefield.

I believe life can feel like a battlefield in that we know we have an organized plan to accomplish our goals, but these can degrade into a confusing mess of pain, fear, and isolation. 

Trauma / PTSD

What is a traumatic event?  What does feeling “triggered” mean?  These questions are unique to each one of us and depend on several factors, including our genetics, our upbringing, and our support network.

Anxiety / Depression

Just because you can function with one arm tied behind your back does not mean you should live your life that way. Think how much more you can get out of your life if these symptoms were reduced?

Life Transitions

Humans are built to handle life transitions, and so if we feel stuck in a transition then a barrier may be in our way.  Barriers can be biological, psychological, or social in nature.

New Clients

I help you find dignity and understanding of your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, body reactions, and emotions. We work together to generate new perspectives on what may hold you back and start taking action towards your goals.