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I practice by forming a working relationship with you based on careful listening, respect, and trust. I help you find dignity and understanding of your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, body reactions, and emotions. We work together to generate new perspectives on what may hold you back and start taking action towards your goals.

Who has Life Transitions?

Every person goes through life transitions that affect their sense of identity. Many happen naturally and we have a sense of possibility, confidence, and growth. Humans are built to handle life transitions, and so if we feel stuck in a transition then a barrier may be in our way. Barriers can be biological, psychological, or social in nature.

Who is affected by Anxiety & Depression?

Anxiety and mood disorders affect Canadians more than any other mental health issue (about 75% of people seeking help).  Another way to say this is that in any one year, 1 in 10 Canadians will seek help for clinical anxiety or mood disorder (including what is commonly called major depressive disorder).

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My Office

My office is located in the First Edmonton Place building on the 14th floor. The building features a Tim Hortons on the first floor. Upon arriving to the 14th floor, please let the reception know you are here to see me and feel free to have a complimentary water, coffee, or tea. Washrooms are on either side of the main elevator.  Make yourself comfortable in the business lobby and I will come and get you.

Note that to preserve your privacy, reception will not ask the nature of your appointment and will only ask your first name to pass on to me over the telephone. Payment will be conducted when we are in my office.

My office is fully accessible and located steps from the Corona LRT station. Abundant parking along city streets, in the adjacent Impark lot, or in the building’s underground garage.

Safety/COVID Changes

Due to the COVID pandemic, I am not offering in-person sessions at this time, and am available through Teletherapy, either over video or telephone. For Teletherapy, I have extended availability for weekends and evenings.


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Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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