Life Transitions

Who has Life Transitions?

Every person goes through life transitions that affect their sense of identity. Many happen naturally and we have a sense of possibility, confidence, and growth. Humans are built to handle life transitions, and so if we feel stuck in a transition then a barrier may be in our way. Barriers can be biological, psychological, or social in nature.

What are Life Transitions?

As we live our lives, we move through normal and predictable stages of development. We change in a gradual and natural way to adapt to the next stage of our lives. This is a transition in our lives that can be felt at an identity level, and we may question “who am I now?”

Sometimes these are experiences of
growth, such as:

Sometimes they involve a sense of loss, such as:

With such powerful experiences, we can lose a sense of who we are and what our purpose is in the world. This is even more confusing when we are getting what we really wanted and still feel unsettled or incomplete. In such times, we can get “stuck” in a transition and not fully become who we need to be next in our lives.

If we are stuck in a life transition, we may experience:

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How I address Life Transitions?

I employ several interventions to address difficult or stuck transitions. I primarily use talk therapy, specifically Emotion-Focused Therapy, that seeks to deeply understand where you are struggling and how this began. I also employ a narrative technique called Guided Autobiography to help people identify new perspectives and to resolve unfinished business.

In cases where a person continues to struggle with how to begin their transition, I may also suggest EMDR processing that targets specific memories, experiences, or sensations related to the stuck feeling.